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Hayreed Lane

See the video/comment on youtube.

Hayreed Lane is 329 meters long (0.2 miles) which took me 0.38 minutes to ride, at an average speed of 31.58 mph. It is a BOAT (byway open to all traffic). You can expect to find:

  1. A non tarmac surface
  2. Gate(s)
Council notes:

Council say:

These byways have recently been improved and may, dependant on ground conditions, be subject to a seasonal closure over the upcoming winter

My description:

Closed to four wheeled traffic in winter. Easily drivable all year in any vehicle.

Jon said....
 Sorry Sven, but this vid is incorrect. This vid is of the conjoined lane...

Jon said....
 Apologies again. I'm confused between the names of these lanes - 'Hayreed Lane' or 'Moorshill Lane' Please excuse my muddle between map and vid...

Sven said....
 The video encompasses both the bottom two lanes.

Charlie KMQ said....

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