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Sessingham Lane

See the video/comment on youtube.

Sessingham Lane is 633 meters long (0.39 miles) which took me 4.1 minutes to ride, at an average speed of 5.71 mph. It is a BOAT (byway open to all traffic). You can expect to find:

  1. A non tarmac surface
  2. Width Restriction (probably not for 4x4 vehicles)
Council notes:

Council say:

Sessingham Bridge is only 5 wide.

My description:

Beware the wet bridge. Not passable for 4x4 vehicles due to the small bridge.

Well marked all the way down except at one end.

This byway is recommended.

Dave said....
 lol loved the crash on the bridge!

Keep up the good work, excellent :)

Stan said....
 Slippery when wet! :)

Charlie KMQ said....
 Nice lane.

nelly said....
 So - I won't be taking the Landy down there then! Looks nice for a walk or bike ride with the kids when drier though. We only live a couple of miles from there and it would make a nice route to the reservoir if we head off down the footpath.

Nelly said....
 According to some basic research I just did, the Wealdway is a long distance walk, stretching from Eastbourne to Gravesend (that well-known old trade route!). According to the map, it merges with Sessingham Lane for a short while, joining from the left, crossing the bridge, then turning off right soon after - probably not more than 100m in total. Hence the horse/Wealdway signs. After meeting a couple of disgruntled riders I've come to the opinion that it ought to be a condition of getting your horse-riding licence that you learn who is allowed to travel where!

Chris said....
 Went down this lane in my disco after seeing it on the map on 02 SEP 11 Very overgrown made a nice path in the landie then found the bridge!

Fivelungwarrior said....
 24/08/2013 This ia a great little lane, not used much and over grown. Good fun in a Landy, approached from the North end, when you get to the bridge you can turn round or there is a gate that gives access to the bridge in the field next to the BYWAY (we did ask the farmer who was cutting grass in the fiel) and missed the southerly half of the lane. Good fun but a little short.

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