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Marshfoot Lane

See the video/comment on youtube.

Marshfoot Lane is 2550 meters long (1.58 miles) which took me 13.03 minutes to ride, at an average speed of 7.28 mph. It is a BOAT (byway open to all traffic). You can expect to find:

  1. A non tarmac surface
  2. Gate(s)
  3. Deep Ruts
  4. Extreme mud
  5. Grassy trail
  6. Width Restriction (probably not for 4x4 vehicles)
My description:

I marked this one as width restriction due to one of the gates not opening properly.

Very tricky, very slimy, always wet. Susceptible to damage.

Marked as bridleway!

I had to shorten the video.

big_luke said....
 done this a couple of times in last week and last time there was cows in the last feild, gate wasn't locked though, pretty easy one

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