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Amport 711

Description as it was in 1960 (may not be accurate): From Road C.43 northwestwards along grass track 7 ft. wide between hedges 15 ft. ? 20 ft. apart, then 12 ft. wide between hedges 30 ft. ? 36 ft. apart, through railway arch, then along partly metalled track 5 ft. wide between hedges 20 ft . ? 40 ft. apart, then along earth track 20 ft. wide between hedges to Parish Boundary, just south of Road A.303.No Videos yet.

Jeremy N Bell said....
 This lane looks like a dead end but you can legally use the RuPP or Restricted Byway at the Northern end to return to the tarmac roads as it has now been upgraded to Byway.
This is a nice grassy lane which is narrow at the Southern end where there is also a hieght barrier, there are also a couple of side slopes along the length of the lane making it interesting for vehicles with road tyres

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