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Ashley 6

Description as it was in 1960 (may not be accurate): From No.7 southwestwards along grass track between posts 12 ft. apart, then along grass track 9 ft. wide between fence and arable field, then northwestwards across unenclosed land, then along earth track 8 ft. wide between banks through woodland to Parish Boundary.No Videos yet.

Jeremy N Bell said....
 This lane from the western end begins as a ORPA (Other Route with Public Access)or UCR (Unsurfaced County Road)and follows a well defined gravel track until it meets a Bridalway from the South where it becomes a Byway with a hard gravel surface with 2-3 large puddles appearing upon it in winter, there are also a couple of mild wash outs and where the lane turns South East it heads downhill though a small wood before crossing between 2 fields with barbed wire fences then turning North East and following the hedge line to the tarmac road

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