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Buriton 47

Description as it was in 1960 (may not be accurate): From U.216 northwards, along a 10 ft. wide unmetalled publicly repairable highway, to join Road U.216 at the Old Chalk Pits.No Videos yet.

MadStu said....
 JESUS CHRIST! This is HORRIBLE when it's wet! Slippy mud, very steep hill. DEEEEEEEP Ruts.

Looks like it gets a fair bit of 4x4 use. We came down the hill (starting at the south end) - not sure if we could have gone up it on a bike.

Nelly said....
 This is a short Byway but testing when wet, going down is just as testing as going up a must do to test one's self, 4x4's can only go so far as a large Oak has been taken down to ensure no possible exit, 2 wheels can pass but be careful & STOP at the top as you come out onto a blind bend, Good Luck!!!

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