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Clanfield 702

Description as it was in 1960 (may not be accurate): From junction of C.50 with U.218 northwards, along track 10 ft. wide between North Cottages and North House, crossing No. 42 to the East Meon Road C.78.No Videos yet.

MadStu said....
 Nice lane. Bit sloppy in places but generally easy. Quite a few tree roots.

gez said....
 watch out for dogs of there leads & some walkers avin a moan as if you shouldn't be riding this byway.

Sean said....
 Agree with what other say.
It is a bit overgrown, so beware of low branches too.

Would not advise taking this at speed as highly likely you may hit a person/dog/pushbike/other m/bike.

The southern stretch has deep 4x4 ruts.

Nelly said....
 A long straight run with ruts & roots give it a steady ride & you will have fun, Be aware to of dog walkers & horses most do not realise that this is a Byway.

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