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Worldham 40

Description as it was in 1960 (may not be accurate): From Road C.96 northwestwards along sunken lane, approximately 20 ft. wide between banks, through field gate, then along 8 ft. wide grass track between hedge and ditch, and over brick bridge 12 ft. wide at Parish Boundary.No Videos yet.

Kevin Phillips said....
 aka water lane!

In a 4x4 very difficult. I have taken a whole group down it without damage, but you will almost be leaning your vehicle on the bank (getting closer to the bank here seems the wrong thing to but does help). There is a big step half way. This can be a problem and some kind of ramp / waffle boards might be needed in a vehicle, but might be ok on a bike. Last time I went through the step had been half filled with trees which helped.

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