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Redgate Mill Lane

See the video/comment on youtube.

Redgate Mill Lane is 647 meters long (0.4 miles) which took me 6.32 minutes to ride, at an average speed of 3.8 mph. It is a BOAT (byway open to all traffic). You can expect to find:

  1. A non tarmac surface
  2. Deep Ruts
  3. Width Restriction (probably not for 4x4 vehicles)
Council notes:

Council say:

Very badly gullied and overgrown, probably impassable to four wheel drive vehicles and trail bikes.

My description:

Impassible to 4x4 vehicles.

Very very tough, my nemesis.

Try going up in the wet/snow!

Great fun, experienced riders only.

Here is a good video showing why it's so tough:

This byway is recommended.

Sven said....
 This is by far my favourite byway :D

owain said....
 man this is the hardest green line i have riden yet, the video like you say does not do it justice. great fun and i wouldnt have found it if it wasnt for the video.

danmoto said....
 i love this lane :) i want to own it and charge admission, seriously though its great

Paul Chapman said....
 Also did this last Saturday from the top end down... well slippy and must rate this one as a 10... Found your website after researching this track... Great Job!
KTM 640 Adventure R

Nicko said....
 I rode this on 26/06/13 from the bottom up. Met a group of 4 green laners from Orpington way at the bottom end who had come all the way to ride the area. Made me appreciate how good the area is for green lanes. Thanks Sven for your website. Without it I would never have dipped my toe into the world of off road.

BJJ Biker said....
 Thanks for your website. My nemesis as well. Only made it 2/6 times. Did it last night, Keep up the great work.

gus said....
 did this lane last feb 14 it was very hard we were in land rover 90 with winch just head straight down but best to start up hill.

1066 Boy said....
 did this lane in june 17.
The council have improved the mud bath at the top and repaired the entrance at the lower end. The middle section with all the rocks have been left alone. Drove from the bottom up in a modified Suzuki jimnny. On youtube under "Crowborough Byways 2017"

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