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Green Hedges Road

See the video/comment on youtube.

Green Hedges Road is 1060 meters long (0.66 miles) which took me 3.33 minutes to ride, at an average speed of 11.89 mph. It is a BOAT (byway open to all traffic). You can expect to find:

  1. A non tarmac surface
  2. Gate(s)
  3. Ford crossing (stream or river)
My description:

Nice length, weight limit on bridge. Runs through some properties.

This byway is recommended.

DEANO said....
 Hi Sven,
Love the resource. Incredibly useful. Just wondering if my Discovery will fit through the posts and over the bridge. Does look tight to me! Motor is 6'5" at widest part and weighs 2t at least.

Best cheers

Colin said....
 Have driven this lane and can confirm a discovery will fit

Stu said....
 Stu. Can fit a discovery down here it is tight over the bridge only a short lane. Nice drive tho . And narrow posts to go through at one end

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