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Honey Lane

See the video/comment on youtube.

Honey Lane is 320 meters long (0.2 miles) which took me 3.3 minutes to ride, at an average speed of 3.64 mph. It is a BOAT (byway open to all traffic). You can expect to find:

  1. A non tarmac surface
  2. Extreme mud
  3. Ford crossing (stream or river)
My description:

Lots of mud, incorrectly marked as a bridleway.

Interesting "steps" (easier going down). Small stream crossing.

Lots of horse use, beware the mud!

Sven said....
 I suggest you speak with Claire Drew at ESCC and get her to change the document that is incorrect then :)

It is a byway in full.


bywaywatcher said....
 you say that you dont understand why this lane is marked as a bridleway. the reason is that the first half (to the parish boundary) is only a bridleway, the second hald is a byway. We will investigate and may prosicute you using this video as evidence

nelly said....
 Did you get prosicuted (sic) using your own video as evidence then?

Sven said....
 lol, no sir did I hell. It's a legal byway.

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