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Hell Lane/Shutes Lane

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Susie Lintell said....
 Wow, what an introduction to Holloway walking! It felt like being in The Valley of the Kings without any Egyptian mummys. Our common history there for everyone to enjoy, plus our dog loved it.

antony triolo said....
 we did this in 2008 and 2009 in my landrover discovery
the way we went we needed to use the winch twice as it was wet and too slippery to go up some of it as there were big steps
the car got some damage aswell
i will be doing it again this year as i have now a defender

Dorset Man said....
 And that is why Hell Lane is so badly damaged Antony, big boys with boring 4x4's that have no respect for the Countryside.

Dorsetmansa twat said....
 There's always one whining moaner who thinks only their way of enjoying life has to be everybody's.

Dorsetmansa twatsa twat said....
 Conservation of ancient pathways isn't exactly a selfish viewpoint, muppet.

Don't_bother_Coming_back_Antony_Triolo said....
 This is pretty ignorant behaviour Antony, resulting in the closing of these precious, historic lanes and unnecessary costs borne by the taxpayer.

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